• Visa & Residences

Residensy in Turkey:

Is the most common type of accommodation in Turkey... gets issued either in single or multiple entries

can be obtained either through E-Visa or the Turkish Ebassy in your country and you can stay in Turkey for the duration of your Visa, moreover travel and return whenever you wish without restrictions in case of muliple entry one.


Tourist Residency:

Any expatriate in Turkey has the right to apply for a Tourist Residency of one or two years, subject to renewal

The cost is determined by age because of the difference in the value of the health insurance and the tax imposed on the residence according to nationality.

Papers required for tourist accommodation

A valid passport issued by the authorities.

An appointment at the Immigration Department.

When attending the appointment you must provide the following


  • A tenancy contract for the place of residence in Turkey certified by the notary public (notar)

  • Turkish tax number.

  • A copy of the passport certified by the Notar.

  • 4 photos of a white background.

  • Health insurance in Turkey The price of insurance varies by age.

As for families, a marriage contract or family book containing all members of the family must be available at the time of appointment.

  • copy of entry page on the passport.

  • Mother and father full name.

  • Electricity bill or home address in details.

Employment residency:

Conditions for applying employment residency in Turkey The applicant must be an employee of a company in Turkey or a company owner.

You can also apply directly from outside Turkey without the need for the presence of tourist accommodation through Embassies/consulates in the country you live in.

One of the conditions for extracting a work permit is that the company's capital is higher than TRY 100,000

Business stay features

  • The right to apply for Turkish citizenship witin five years or less.

  • Residency gives the right to apply and obtain Schengen Visa.

  • Through the establishment of work can stay outside Turkey for any indefinite period without being restricted in a certain period.

Guaranteeing rights when registering in social insurance and free access to medical services for the employee/business owner and family members (father, mother, wife, children) if they have at least tourist residency.

  • Company Establishment

Company Establishment

It is advisable to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in case you want to practice several commercial activities, and in the case of several partners and purchase a property in the name of the company (for Syrian Nationality)

To establish a limited liability company, the capital must be at least 100,000 Turkish lira. A quarter of this amount shall be paid in the bank account which is opened by the company in the early stages of establishment.

Corporate incorporation costs

Costs range from $ 1400 to $ 1600 depending on the number of partners, activities and managers.

These costs include all expenses paid to the government departments at all stages of establishing the company in additional to our consultancies fees.

We have two stages to establish the company

Pre-foundation stage

One session is to prepare the memorandum of incorporation and writing in accordance with your work and provide the best tips to manage the excess taxes in the future

Foundation stage

The contract of incorporation shall be established at the Book of Justice 


  • Extract tax number of the company 

  • Opening a commercial account of the company 

  • Company Registration in Chamber of Commerce 

  • Notification of the Directorate of Taxation Establishment of the company 

Follow up the process of advertising the company and extract the advertisement in the newspaper 

  • Issuance of signature approval 

  • Unblocking the banking system 

  • Extraction of the company's tax plate 


Papers and information required to open the company


  • Translation of passport and a friend of the notar (notary) Number 3 

  • Detailed address in the country of origin or Turkey

  • Photo number 2 white background 

  • Tax Number if any 

  • Place of employment contract 

  • Type of activity, capital and number of partners and the ratio between them 

  • Choose a company name